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Morning Zen Candle


Embrace tranquility with Morning Zen. This exquisite blend is carefully crafted to deliver a harmonious symphony of aromas that will transport you to a state of serene bliss.

As you light the Morning Zen candle, immerse yourself in the uplifting notes of bergamot, lemon, and orange accords. These bright citrus nuances awaken your senses and set the stage for a moment of pure relaxation. Beneath this invigorating top layer, a tranquil bed of earthy matcha and black tea awaits, evoking the soothing essence of a traditional tea ceremony. A delicate touch of salt adds a subtle twist, enhancing the complexity of the fragrance.

The grounding base of sandalwood and cream brings a sense of stability and warmth to the composition, enveloping your space in a comforting embrace. With each breath, you'll feel a deep sense of peace and introspection, as if you're savoring a quiet moment of contemplation.

Morning Zen is more than just a candle; it's an invitation to create a calm sanctuary where you can unwind and find balance. 

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